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Smithing tables


Agility is a (members only) skill that allows you to swing across rope swings, climb over rock slides, squeeze through pipes and more so that you can access new areas or make use of shortcuts. It also affects your energy level. To train this level, there are three courses of different agility obstacles - whereby you repeat laps around the course to get xp. Each individual obstacle gives a certain amount of xp but completing a lap by going through the obstacles in order gives a bonus amount of xp. The three courses are explained below and then you can see about the Agility Dungeon and the other aspects of Agility.

Gnomes' Course

Located in the Gnomes' Stronghold North West of Ardougne, this is where you will have to start to train initially. You will see Gnome trainers around the course encouraging you to go faster and also ready to help you out with any questions.

Gnomes' Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Slowly walk across the log to start the course.
  • Climb the net to end up in the tree.
  • Climb the tree branch to the next level of the tree.
  • Balance across the tight rope to get to the other side.
  • Climb down this tree branch to get back to the ground.
  • Climb over this net, almost at the end now.
  • Crawl through these pipes to end up on the other side.
Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Gnomes' Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Log 7.5
First Net 7.5
First Tree Branch 5
Tight Rope 7.5
Second Tree Branch 5
Second Net 7.5
Pipes 7.5
Completed Lap 92.5

Barbarians' Course

Located right at the top of the World, you will have to go far North from Ardougne and past Baxtorian falls to access the Barbarian Outpost where this course is at. To enter the outpost, you must have completed the Bar Crawl as part of the Scorpion Catcher quest. To then enter the agility course you must squeeze through the Pipe which requires level 35 agility.

But the crucial difference with this course is that you could get hit damage if you fail crossing the obstacle and fall in the spikes or the pond. This is usually a small amount and depends on your maximum hits so you will never get killed. However it is a good idea to bring food with you.

Barbarians' Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Swing over the spikes via the rope swing (could fall into the spikes).
  • Balance over the pond by walking across the log (could slip into the pond).
  • Climb the net to enter this building.
  • Edge over the spikes by walking across the ledge (could fall into the spikes).
  • Now jump over each of these three crumbling walls.
Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Barbarians' Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Pipe 10
Rope Swing 20
Log 12.5
Net 7.5
Ledge 20
Crumbling wall (one) 12.5
Completed Lap 139.5

Wilderness Course

Located deep in the memebers' area of the wilderness (level 52 and up) you will require level 52 agility to cross the initial ridge to gain access to this area. However sometimes you will still fail and fall into the pit of White Wolves. PKers do often come by to attack, so taking this risk is up to you - but the xp reward per lap is much great (look at the table below).

You are also at risk here from failing obstacles and if you fall into the spike pit, you will have to climb the ladder out of the dungeon of skeletons. Either way, don't forget to bring food with you and any armour and weapons you might wish to defend yourself with.

Wilderness Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Crawl through the pipe to get to the other side.
  • Swing over using the Rope Swing (could fall into spikes).
  • Traverse the lava by slowly walking over the stepping stones (could fall into the lava).
  • Balance over this pit by walking across the log (could fall into spikes).
  • Now walk past some skeletons and climb up the rocks to finish.
Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Wilderness Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Ridge 20
Pipe 12.5
Rope Swing 20
Stepping Stones 20
Log 20
Rocks 0 (bug)
Completed Lap 682

Agility Dungeon

There is a dungeon located just North of Yanille known as the Agility Dungeon where you can use your agility to access different part areas. A full map is coming soon. Below are the details of the different obstacles you can overcome. Again, you can fail some obstacles and fall into a lower dungeon, but this one has poison spiders so bring an anti-poison potion if you want to explore here.

Agility Dungeon Obstacles
Obstacle Level Required Exp. gained
Ledge 42 22.5
Pipe 49 7.5
Monkey Bars 57 20
Pile of Rubble 67 5.5

Other Uses

There are quite a few places through out the world where you can make use of your agility level to overcome obstacles. The Shilo Village quest will require you to have 32 agility to compete the quest. The Watch Tower quest requires level 30 agility. You can also access shortcuts in the Underground Pass if you have agility. Details of other obstacles are in the table below.

Other Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Level Exp Info
Crumbling Wall 5 12.5 This shortcut allows you to cross over from Taverly to Falador (but not back). This is located just behind WEst Falador bank.
Monkey Bars 15 20 This obstacle allows you to access an area of the wilderness area of Edgeville dungeon where you can fight with Earth Warriors.
Log 20 8.5 This shortcut allows you to cross over from the Coal Trucks eastwards towards Seers' Village. Very useful.
Rope Swing ?? 3 This allows you to crossover from mainland Brimhaven to a small Island where you can fight some Moss Giants. Located on far West of Brimhaven.
Rope Swing ?? 3 There is an Island of Ogres West of Yanille where some Jangerberries grow. You will need to attach a rope to the Long branch of a tree to cross over. Your rope will be lost.

Best tactic is to start training at the Gnomes' course initially. When you get to level 35 you can start in the Barbarians' course but you will fall often. You can come here at 35 or more recommended at level 40. Use this course until you get level 52 and can then use the wilderness course thereafter for best xp, if you are willing to take the risk.

Playing Gnomeball also gives some Agility xp as well as ranged. One final point to note is how Agility affects your Energy. When you are not running or walking, you recover your energy back. The higher you agility the faster this happens. Enjoy the skill of Agility and happy scaping!

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