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Smithng tables
Smithing tables


With the release of RS2 many things have changed in woodcutting. Free-to-Play'ers (f2p) are now able to chop Normal, Oak, Willow and Yew trees. There are no Maple or Magic trees in the f2p world, however there are many new spots to chop rarer trees (more on the locations later). You are now able to make fires with every type of log and the experience increases as the rarity of the log increases (see firemaking guide for more info). Instead of having to click every time to chop a tree you can now just click once and you will keep chopping the tree until the tree falls down. And finally, with the arrival of RS2, to stop macroers there are:

Random Events

As with many skills there are random events to stop people from macroing!


As there are different types of Pickaxe's in mining, there are different types of hatchets for woodcutting.

Picture Name Cost Notes
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Hatchet 20gp You get this from tutorial isle.
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet 400gp -
Steel Hatchet Steel Hatchet 500gp -
Black Hatchet Black Hatchet 2,000gp Cannot be smithed
Mithrill Hatchet Mithrill Hatchet 1,500gp -
Adamant Hatchet Adamant Hatchet 3,000gp -
Rune Hatchet Rune Hatchet 20,000gp -

The better the hatchet the more chance you have of getting a log. Both members and non-members can get every hatchet. A hatchet is the only item needed to chop a tree, however because of the Tree Spirit random event it is adviseable to take at least 1 piece of armour and perhaps another weapon just incase.

Levels, exp and where to cut

Normal Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 1

Exp per tree: 25 exp

Where to chop:

Anywhere, Draynor-Lumbridge forest is still the best.
"Dead" trees located in the wilderness count as normal trees, but will give charcoal when chopped down, and not logs. They still give 25exp.

Oak Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 15

Exp per tree: 37,5 exp

Where to chop:

Scattered anywhere and everywhere. There are four Oak trees close together just South of the farm which is in-between Draynor village and Falador.

Willow Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 30

Exp per tree: 67,5 exp

Where to chop:

Near water. There are lots of trees just West of the wall which is between Port Sarim and Draynor Village, there are some Willow trees right next to the Draynor village bank, just North West of the Seers village bank and some just East of the fishing guild.

Maple Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 45

Exp per tree: 100 exp

Where to chop:

Not located in the free-to-play world. There are four trees just north of the Seers village bank. This is the best place to go. There are also 6 trees just west of legends guild.

Yew Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 60

Exp per tree: 175 exp

Where to chop:

Available in both f2p and p2p lands. For f2p there are some trees just south of falador, there is a tree next to the earth alter, one tree next to the Falador-Draynor village farm and there are two trees in Edgeville. Also, the Gnome Stronghold is great, Plenty of Yew trees there!

Magic Trees

Level you need to cut: Level 75

Exp per tree: 250 exp

Where to chop:

Only available in p2p. These are now distinguishable between normal trees. There are three trees just east of the Ranging guild. Theres also 4 magic trees at the Sorcerer's Tower.


Which trees to chop at what level

Level 1-25 - The Tree's at Draynor Village-Lumbridge forest. You will miss quite a lot to start with but as you level up it gets much easier.

Level 26-75 - Oak trees either at Seers village (just South West of the bank) or south of Falador next near the farm.

Level 76-99 (Method 1) - Willow trees. If you want to bank then go to Draynor Village. If not you can go to Seers, Port Sarim or Fishing Guild. These trees seem to respawn much faster now.

Level 76-99 (Method 2) - Maple trees. Well now with four trees just above the Seers village bank it is actually possible to chop these trees for experience. Although you can start this method at Level 76 I would seriously advise against it. If you do it start at about Level 80 if you need the logs or Level 90 if you don't. At level 86 I got 8,000 less experience per hour from chopping Maple than i did with Willow (I dropped the logs when inventory was full both times).

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