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Smithng tables
Smithing tables


Crafting is rumoured to be a slow, useless and boring skill, but once you get into it there's lots to do! You can make everything from pots to collect flour in, to dragonhide armour for rangers. Crafting can be found all over the Runescape world. In the amulets people wear, the vials you use in herblore and the Mystic Staves Magicians fight with. These items are all be made in crafting.

Note: Items shown in gray shaded rows (in tables below) are members only items and can not be made or used in f2p.


Low level crafting involves pottery; where you can make pie dishes, pots and bowls - all used in cooking. To make one of these items you will need to mine some clay. Once you have your clay;

  • Use some water on it. You can get water by using a bucket on a sink, fountain or well. Once you have used your water on the clay, you should have something called soft clay.
  • Now you'll need to go to a potter's wheel (located in the Barbarian Village, the crafting guild and East Ardougne. Use your soft clay on the wheel and make a pot, a pie dish or a bowl.
  • Now heat up your unfired object in a potter's oven. Use your unfired bowl/pot/pie dish on the oven, and hope it doesn't crack while it's in there.

Note: The higher your crafting level is, the less the chance you have of failing when making pottery.

Picture Name Level Exp. for spinning Exp. for firing Total exp.
Fired Pot Pot 1 6.3 6.3 12.6
Fired Pie Dish Pie Dish 4 15 10 25
Fired Bowl Bowl 7 18 15 33

Leather Work

There are 2 types of leather; normal leather and hard leather. Hard leather needs a better crafting level to make and gives better protection. To start you will have to kill some cows to get their hides. The best places to do this are either in Lumbridge or next to the crafting guild. Once you have all the hides you want, go to a Tanner so he will make your hide into a piece of leather. Tanners can be found in the crafting guild, Al-Kharid and the ranging guild.

  • Normal Leather costs 1gp per hide to have tanned.
  • Hard Leather costs 3gp per hide to have tanned.

You should now have your leather. Go to a crafting shop (in Rimmington or Al-Kharid) to buy some needles and some thread. Use your leather on either of them, and make what you want. If you want to make studded leather you'll have to smith some steel studs and use them on the leather body/chap.

Picture Name Level Exp.
Leather Gloves Gloves 1 13.8
Leather Boots Boots 7 16.3
Cowl Cowl 9 18.5
Leather Vambraces Vambraces 11 22
Leather Body Leather Body 14 25
Leather Chaps Chaps 18 27
Coif Coif 38 37
Hard Leather Body Hard Leather Body 28 35
Studded Leather Body Studded Leather Body 41 40+25
Studded Leather Chaps Studded Leather Chaps 44 42+27

Gold Jewelry

There are three types of items you can craft with gold:

  • Rings - which you can enchant with magic to give them special powers.
  • Necklaces - which can be worn around your neck.
  • Amulets - which you can also enchant for special powers.

These items can be made by themselves, but more often a gem is included. To obtain gems you'll need to get your old pickaxe and go mine some rocks, What you're looking for isn't ores, but gems which you can obtain from rocks randomly (For members, wearing an amulet of Glory significantly increases your chances of mining a gem). Gems can also be obtained when you kill monsters.

When you have the gem/s you want, you'll have to use a chisel on it. (which can be bought in any general store). Once you use your chisel on the uncut gem, you'll receive a cut gem that's ready for use. What you now need to do is get some gold. Go to the mines and mine it, then smelt it in a furnace so you get a bar. You're ready to make some jewelry!

Chiselling Gems

Go to the crafting shop in Rimmington or Al-Kharid and buy a 'mould'. If you're going to make a ring, then of course you'll need to buy a ring mould, if its a necklace, buy a necklace mould and so on.You can also get the moulds in the Crafting Guild if you're lvl-40 crafting or above. Once you have the mould you want, go to the furnace and use your gold bar on it. A menu will come up with the different items you can make so that you can choose.

Note:You can also craft gold jewelry without gems in them, however, this is a waste of exp. You'd be better off with crafting silver if you don't use gems with your gold bars.

Gold Jewelry
Picture Name Level to cut Cut exp. Ring lvl. Ring exp. Necklace lvl. Necklace exp. Amulet lvl. Amulet exp.
. No gem - -
Uncut Sapphire Sapphire
Uncut Emerald Emerald
Uncut Ruby Ruby
Uncut Diamond Diamond
Uncut Dragon Stone Dragonstone

The members only Dragonstone gem is only obtainable from the Crystal chest in Taverly. To open this chest you must have the Crystal key. This key is combined from the 'teeth half' and the 'loop half', which are both rare drops from any monster.

Amulets need to be 'strung' before they can be worn. Firstly obtain some wool by using Shears with a Sheep. Shears can be bought from General Stores and Sheep can be found outside the crafting guild and in Lumbridge. Then use your wool with a spinning wheel (Seers' Village or Falador) to get a piece of string. You can then use this string with your amulet to 'string' it. You get 3 exp from spinning the wool, and 4 exp for adding the string to the symbol.

Earlier, I talked about enchanting some of the items. As I said, enchanting jewellery gives the wearer special powers. To enchant one of the gold rings or amulets, you'll need a to have the required magic level. It's quite simple, just click on the spell, and cast it on the item of jewellery (If you have a emerald ring, you'll need to cast the spell called "Enchant Level 2 Jewellery" since emerald is the third gem etc...). Only strung amulets can be enchanted.

Name before enchanting Name After Magic Level needed Effect
Sapphire Ring Ring of Recoil 7 Casts 10% of the damage done on the wearer back on the attacker. Used up after 40 damage is casted back.
Emerald Ring Ring of Duelling
27 Teleports you to the duelling area. 8 uses.
Ruby Ring Ring of Forging 49 100% success rate when smelting iron ores. 140 uses.
Diamond Ring Ring of Life 59 If the wearer falls below 10% in hit points, he's automatically teleported back to Lumbridge. 1 use.
Dragonstone Ring Ring of Wealth
68 Greater chance (approx 20% more) of getting rare item drops when killing monsters.
Sapphire Amulet Amulet of Magic 7 +10 Magic Attack Bonus
Emerald Amulet Amulet of Defence 27 +7 in all Defence Bonuses
Ruby Amulet Amulet of Strength 49 +10 Strength Bonus
Diamond Amulet Amulet of Power 59 +5 in all Attack and Defence Bonuses, +5 Strength Bonus, +1 Prayer Bonus
Dragonstone Amulet Amulet of Glory 68 +10 in all Attack Bonuses, +3 in all Defence Bonuses, +6 Strength Bonus, +3 Prayer Bonus.


Silver is considered to be very fast exp, and therefore silver ores and bars are very valuable. With silver you can make two different kinds of symbols: A holy symbol, and an unholy symbol. There isn't really any difference between the two, you'll get the same exp etc. However, the unholy symbol is members only, and you'll need to have done the Observatory Quest to make it. To get the mould for the unholy symbol, just complete the Observatory Quest and talk with the Spirit of Scorpius south of the observatory at the little graveyard. You can also get the mould as drops from Chaos Druids and Chaos Druid Warriors. The process goes like this;

  • Mine your Silver Ore
  • Smelt it in a furnace to receive a Silver Bar.
  • Use your bar with the furnace, while holding your mould in your inventory, to make your symbol.

You will need to string your symbol before you can wear it. To make a string find yourself some shears. These can be bought in any general store. When you have the shears, go to some sheep (Lumbridge/crafting guild) and use the shears on them. You will now have some wool. Now you need to go to a spinning wheel so you can make it into a ball of wool, which can be used on your symbol. You get 3 exp from spinning the wool, and 4 exp for adding the string to the symbol.

Silver Crafting
Picture Name Level to craft Exp. gained
Holy Symbol Of Saradomin Holy Symbol 16 50
Unholy Symbol Of Zamorak Unholy Symbol 16 50

You can get your symbols blessed so that they give you some bonuses shown in the table below. To bless the holy symbols, you'll need to go to a monk of Saradomin - that means Brother Jered who is located on the first floor in the Monastery, you need level 31 prayer to enter. Ask him what a young adventurer like you can do to help himself.

For the Unholy Symbol of Zamorak, you have to ask the Spirit of Scorpius. He is located in the little graveyard south of the observatory, tell him you have come to seek his blessing, and he will bless your unholy symbol.

Blessed Symbols
Picture Name before Name After Requirements Effect
Strung Holy Symbol Unblessed Holy Symbol Holy Symbol Prayer level 31 +2 in all Defence Bonuses, +8 Prayer Bonus
Strung Unholy Symbol Un powered Unholy Symbol Unholy Symbol Finished Observatory Quest +2 in all Attack Bonuses, +8 Prayer Bonus

Glass (Members only)

In crafting you can also make glass items. There are three different options here: Beer glasses, vials and orbs. To make a glass object you will have to have the following items:

Glassblowing pipe Glassblowing pipe - Can be found on the island of Entrana, in the house a little north-east of the herblore shop.
Bucket Bucket - Buy from any general store.
Seaweed Seaweed - Can be fished with big net, also found on Entrana

Now you need to go and "cook" your seaweed - which can only be done on ranges. Once you have used your seaweed with a range, you'll have some Soda ash. Now you need to go to a sand pit and use your bucket on it. Sand pits can be found on Entrana, Yanille and the Lost City. When you have the sand and the ash, go use them on a furnace. You should now have some Molten Glass. You'll get 20 exp for making this.

Use your glassblowing pipe on the molten glass and make what you desire.

Picture Name Level Exp.
Molten Glass Molten Glass 3 20
Beer Glass Beer Glass 3 17.5
Vial Vial 33 35
Unpowered Orb Unpowered Orb 46 52.5

Mystic Staves (Members only)

Mystic Staves can be wielded as a weapon, just like your normal battle axe or long sword. If you're not sure on what Mystic Staves do, to make a Mystic Stave you will need:

  • An unpowered orb (look above in the glass section for more info)
  • 3 cosmic runes.
  • 30 basic runes of the kind you want the staff to be.
  • A battlestaff (can be bought in the staff shop in Varrock for 7000gp).

Crafting Mystic Staves requires very high skills, both in crafting itself, but also in magic and combat. If you have the right levels to make the staves, you'll need to find the right obelisk. If you want to make a Mystic Water Staff, then you'll have to go to the water obelisk and so on. Here's a list of the locations on the four different obelisks:

  • Water: Members dungeon, past the black dragons, go up the ladder and you're there.
  • Earth: Wilderness dungeon, past the black demons, go south, through the gate, and you should see the obelisk.
  • Fire: Members dungeon, past the black dragons, and to the south.
  • Air: Wilderness dungeon, past black demons, go north and up the ladder.

Once you're at the obelisk you need, cast the charge orb spell on it, and your unpowered orb will be turned into a powered orb. When you have that, get your battlestaff and use the orb on it. The battlestaff will have slightly improved stats now as it has an orb on it. However, to make it into a Mystic Staff you have to take it to the Thormac the Sorceror in his tower just West of Catherby. If you have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest, he will enchant it for a fee of 40,000gp. You've now got second best magic weapon in the game (the best being the Staff of Iban).

Mystic Staves
Picture Name Magic Level Crafting Level Crafting Exp.
Water Battlestaff Mystic Water Staff
Earth Battlestaff Mystic Earth Staff
Fire Battlestaff Mystic Fire Staff
Air Battlestaff Mystic Air Staff

Crafting exp does not include making the orb.

Dragonhides (Members only)

Making dragonhide armour is for the big boys. First of all you'll need to kick some dragons. There are 4 different colours of these; green, blue, red and black.

  • Green Dragons (lvl 89) are just south east of the lava maze in the wilderness.
  • Blue Dragons (lvl 99) are in the Members' Dungeon and the Heroes' Guild.
  • Red Dragons (lvl 139) are on their Isle in level 40+ wilderness.
  • Black Dragons (lvl 199) are in the Members' Dungeon.

They all drop 1 hide each when you kill them. To make dragonhide armour, you'll need to kill some dragons and collect their hides. When you have the hides you go to a tanner (in Al-kharid, crafting guild and range guild) and get him to tan them into dragon leather. This will cost you 20gp per hide.

Once you have the dragon leather, go get your needle and thread. This is just like with the normal leather, just use the needle or thread on your dragon leather, and select what you want to make. See the table below for exact details:

Dragon Leather
Picture Name (Pieces of leather needed) Crafting Level Crafting Exp.
Green Leather 
          Vambraces Green Leather Vambraces (1) 57 62
Green Leather Chaps Green Leather Chaps (2) 60 124
Green Leather Body Green Leather Body (3) 63 186
Blue Leather 
          Vambraces Blue Leather Vambraces (1) 66 70
Blue Leather Chaps Blue Leather Chaps (2) 68 140
Blue Leather Body Blue Leather Body (3) 71 210
Red Leather 
          Vambraces Red Leather Vambraces (1) 73 78
Red Leather Chaps Red Leather Chaps (2) 75 156
Red Leather Body Red Leather Body (3) 77 234
Black Leather 
          Vambraces Black Leather Vambraces (1) 79 86
Black Leather Chaps Black Leather Chaps (2) 82 172
Black Leather Body Black Leather Body (3) 84 258

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