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Smithng tables
Smithing tables

Basic Tools:

Once you start fishing, the only thing to fish is shrimps. These small creatures can be found in many parts of the sea in RuneScape. One of the best places if you want cooking experience as well, is Draynor Market. Just a little southwest of the bank there’s a place where you can catch shrimps. To do this you will need a ‘Small Fishing Net’ that can be bought in Port Sarim fishing shop for 5 gold pieces. You can also catch anchovies with the net, you will need level 15 before you can catch them along with the shrimps..

Baiting at sea:
Next thing you can fish is Sardines, you need level 5 to fish them, and you do it with a Fishing Rod, and some bait. Fishing Rod costs 5 gold pieces. Bait prices are based on how many the store has in stock. The shop will normally be stocked with 200 of them, and they cost 3 gold pieces each at that amount. You can also catch herring with bait and a rod; you will need level 10 to catch them. You can catch both Sardines and Herring from the Sea. To do this you will need to right click and select the second option, which is ‘Bait’.
Note: You can also get bait from killing zombies.

Next up is fly-fishing. You will need level 20 to catch trout, and 30 to catch Salmons. For this you will need a fly fishing rod, and some feathers. Both can (Like all other F2P fishing equipment) be bought in the fishing shop in Port Sarim. You can fly fish with the rod in the RuneScape rivers. If you’re fishing and cooking for experience, then Lumbrigde is the place to be. Just fish, cook and either drop or eat. If, however, your banking the fish then Barbarian village is probably the best place to fish; Fish, cook them in the barbarian house farthest to the north (there’s 2 ever-lasting fires), and go north into Edgeville and bank your fish. Many pk’ers like Trout and Salmon because they heal 7-9 hp, and if their only 5 hp down it’s a waste eating a whole lobster or swordfish. ;)
Note: You can also get feathers from killing chickens.

Baiting in river:
You can also Fish with bait in the rivers of RuneScape, but you won’t catch Sardines or Herring. Here you’ll catch Pikes. This fish heals 8, and you need level 25 to fish it. Again, get a ‘Fishing Rod’ and some bait and start fishing. Bait is the second option when you right click on the river fishing spots.

Harpoonage: (Tuna)
Next up is the big boys (well, fish actually). Get your Harpoon (Port Sarim fishing shop, costs 5gold pieces) and head of to the beautiful island named Karamja (take boat from port sarim). Go down to the little dock, located in the middle-north of the banana field. The trip to Karamja will cost you 30 gold pieces by the way, and another 30 to get back. Here you will be able to catch Tuna's with the Harpoon. Simply click on the fishing spot where it says ‘harpoon’. Tuna is good for training on low level monsters that won’t hit you that hard, for example in the Karamja volcano, where there are red spiders and skeletons to train on. There are also Lesser Demons, but you might need some better food for them.

You can also fish lobsters on Karamja. However you will need a ‘Lobster Cage’ to do this. This will cost 20 gold pieces from the Port Sarim fishing shop. Lobsters are a great way of making money, many people prefer lobsters for training food, because you only need to be level 40 to fish and cook them, and they heal 12 hp. Cage is the second option when you right click on the sea fishing spot.

Harpoonage: (Swordfish)
Last but not least is the Swordfish. You will need level 50 fishing to fish these, they heal 14 hp, and you catch them the same place you catch Tunas. You will most likely (depending on your fishing level) get more tuna than swordfish when you fish for them. Like the tuna, you also need a harpoon to catch swordfish.

Members Locations

The fish here are the same as in the fishing guild, except that the lobsters are two clicks, where as the ones in the fishing guild are one click. There’s a fishing shop right next to the fishing spots, here you can buy and sell both fishing equipment and fish. The shop owner has all you need to fish, except the fly fishing rod, and feathers.

At the fishing spots in Catherby you’re able to fish with Big Net, Bait, Cage and Harpoon. You can catch the following things/fish: Oysters, Caskets, Seaweed, Mackerels, Cods, Tuna, Lobsters, Basses and Sharks.

Nearest bank: Catherby

Gnome Stronghold
Here you'll find a few fishing spots, they're in the middle west of the stronghold, and you'r be able to both lure and bait fish... There isn't much to say about this place, other than it was used much in rs1 for power fishing, but in rs2 its rather deserted...

Nearest bank: Gnome Stronghold (east of the fishing spots).

Fishing platform
You’ll have to have done the quest Sea Slug to come here. It’s not that great of a fishing spot. You’re able to net, bait, harpoon and cage fish. You’re able to catch Shrimps, Anchovies, Sardines, Herrings, Tuna, Lobsters and Swordfish at the sea level of the platform.

Nearest bank: Legends guild or Ardougne.


Fishing guild

First off, you need to be level 68 fishing to enter the guild, however if you're a little smart, you can get in at level 65... Just get yourself a fishing potion, and enter the guild...

The fishing guild is the place to be if you are good at fishing... It has most of the fish in the game... There are 2 piers to fish at, the one to the south have 7 spots with one-click-lobsters, and tuna/swordfish "harpoonage" + 2 spots with Net as first option, and harpoon as second, here you can catch the normal Big Net fish, and harpoon Sharks...

At the pier to the north we have 4 spots with one-click lobsters and harpoon tuna/swordfish, and 4 more spots with Big net/sharks.

Other than places to fish, the guild also has a bank, and a fishing shop that buys/sells most fish + bait and feathers. There's also a range in the building to the south where you enter the guild. Its truly a fishers heaven.


Fishing Table

Picture Name Fishing Lvl. Fishing Exp. Cooking Lvl. Cooking Exp. Healing Tool / Bite Where
Raw Shimps Shrimp 1 10 1 30 3 Net Any Sea
Raw Sardine Sardina 5 20 1 40 4 Fishing rod + Bait Any Sea
Raw Herring Herring 10 30 5 50 5 Fishing rod + Bait Any Sea
Raw Anchovies Anchovy 15 40 15 30 1 Net Any Sea
Raw Mackerel Mackerel* 16 20 10 60 6 Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Oyster Oyster* 16 10 - - - Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Casket Casket* 16 10 - - - Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Seaweed Seaweed* 16 1 - - - Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Raw Salmon Trout 20 50 15 70 7 Fly fishing rod + Feather River
Raw Cod Cod* 23 45 18 75 7 Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Raw Pike Pike 25 60 20 80 8 Fishing rod + Bait River
Raw Trout Salmon 30 70 25 90 9 Fly fishing rod + Feather River
Raw Tuna Tuna 35 80 30 100 10 Harpoon Karamja
Raw Lobster Lobster 40 90 40 120 12 Lobster cage Karamja
Raw Bass Bass* 46 100 43 130 13 Big Net Catherby and Fishing Guild
Raw Swordfish Swordfish 50 100 45 140 14 Harpoon Karamja
Raw Lava Eel Lava Eel** 53 30 53 140 14 Oily Fishing rod + Bait Zamorak Dungeon lava spot.
Raw Shark Shark* 76 110 80 210 20 Harpoon Catherby and Fishing Guild
Raw Sea Turtle Sea Turtle* 79 105 82 212 20 Trawler North of yanille
Raw Manta Ray Manta Ray* 81 115 91 216 21 Trawler North of yanille

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