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Smithng tables
Smithing tables


Fletching is a great skill in RuneScape. It's fun, and a quick way to make money. If you just want to make money, arrows is the best bet, but remember, not all arrows are F2P (free-to-play/non-members). This guide will take you through the different types of fletching items you can make in the game, it will show you how to do, and where to do it.

What is fletching then? Well, fletching is a skill, which allows you to make the items used in ranging. the higher your fletching skill is, the more cool stuff you can make. Anyways, as said, fletching is a skill where you can make items for ranging such as bows, arrows, special bolts and darts :)

First the most important tool in fletching is a knife. These can be found many places in RuneScape, but can't be bought in any stores. One of the places you can find knives is just south of the Lumbridge castle, there should be one on the ground there. There's also one in the Seers' Village, just south east from the bank in the house with a sink.

Making Bows

Making bows is fairly easy. All you have to do is cut some wood and use a knife on it. For the best locations to cut wood, check our woodcutting. After using your knife on the log of wood you will have to choose to either make a short or long bow. Then you will have an unstrung short/long bow in your inventory instead of that log. To get a string for your bow, you'll have to do some crafting. Go to either the Gnomes Stronghold, or Seers Village and pick some flax, then go to a spinning wheel (can be found in both Gnomes and Seers) and spin your flax by using your flax with the wheel. You will now have a bow string, which you just use on your unstrung bow, and VOILA! you have a bow all ready for use :)

Here's some information on the different levels you need to make the different bows, the ones marked with a star (*) are members only.

Please note that the experience points (exp) are for a fully done bow. If you want the exp for making an unstringed bow, divide the exp by 2 (example: You get 100 total exp for making a Maple Short, that's the same as 50 for making an unstringed, and 50 for stringing.)

Bow Table
Picture Name Fletching lvl Exp.
Short Bow Short Bow 5 10
Long Bow Long Bow 10 20
Oak Short Bow Oak Short Bow 20 33
Oak Long Bow Oak Long Bow 25 50
Willow Short Bow Willow Short Bow 35 66.5
Willow Long Bow Willow Long Bow 40 83
Maple Short Bow Maple Short Bow 50 100
Maple Long Bow Maple Long Bow 55 116.5
Yew Short Bow Yew Short Bow 65 135
Yew Long Bow Yew Long Bow 70 150
Magic Short Bow Magic Short Bow 80 166.5
Magic Long Bow Magic Long Bow 85 183

Making Arrows

Arrows are not as fun to make as bows, but you can get a lot of cash for them. You'll however need a good amount if you really want cash. What you do is go to a forest (Lumbrigde-Draynor is the best), and cut a whole bunch of trees. Watch out for the random events though, because these might break your axe, and then you'll just have to spend time putting it back together. Anyways, just cut some normal trees, use your knife on the logs, and make some arrow shafts.

When you have the shafts you'll have to add some arrow heads to them. You get these from smithing and some feathers. You need 1 shaft, 1 head and 1 feather for an arrow. Might sound like a lot, but the best thing is: You get experience points from all of it! :)

How to make arrows

Please note that the exp for the arrows include cutting of the logs and feathering.

Arrow Table
Picture Name Fletching lvl Exp.
Arrow Shafts 15 Arrow shafts 1 5
Feathered Arrow Shafts 15 Headless Arrows 1 15
Bronze Arrows 15 Bronze Arrows 1 39.5
Iron Arrows 15 Iron Arrows 15 57.5
Steel Arrows 15 Steel Arrows 30 95
Mithrill Arrows 15 Mithrill Arrows 45 132.5
Adamant Arrows 15 Adamant Arrows 60 165
Rune Arrows 15 Rune Arrows 75 225

Making Bolts

You might now be thinking something like "hmm, but we cant make bolts"... And that would be true, however, you can make special bolts. These have a greater effect when you shoot them, just like higher lvl arrows have. There are 3 types of special bolts, Opal Tipped Bolts, Pearl Tipped Bolts and Barbed Tipped Bolts. Below is 3 small guides to making each of them.

Note: You can get normal bolts from the archery shops in Varrock and Catherbuy, as well as from monster drops. They also respawn some places in the wilderness

Opal Tipped Bolts:
- Go to Shilo Village and mine some of the gem rocks there. You will need to have finished the shilo village quest to get in.
- Use a chisel with the Opal(s) to cut, and once more to make Opal Tips. You get 2 tips per gem.
- Use the Opal Tips with some normal bolts, and you'll have Opal Tipped Bolts.

Pearl Tipped Bolts:
- Go fish some Oysters (hard to get some that have a pearl in them, but just keep trying).
- When you have an Oyster with a pearl in it, use a chisel on it and you'll get a pearl. Use the chisel on it again and you'll have some Pearl Tips. Each pearl gives 2 tips.
- Use the Pearl Tips on a normal bolt, and you have some Pearl Tipped Bolts.

Barbed Tipped Bolts
- Go to the Ranged Guild and shoot at the targets until you have 140 tickets.
- Go exchanged your tickets for 30 Barb Tips.
- Use your Barb Tips on some normal bolts, and you'll have some Barbed Tipped Bolts.

Bolt Table
Picture Name Fletching lvl Exp.
Opal Tipped Bolts 2 Opal Tipped Bolts 17 6
Pearl Tipped Bolts 2 Pearl Tipped Bolts 33 12.5
Barbed Tipped Bolts 30 Barbed Tipped Bolts 51 95

Making Darts

Darts are not that often used in ranging, and the only real reason for that is that they are hard to make. Well... Not that hard... All you need is to smith some dart tips and add some feathers to them, and you have the darts ;) So all you need to do is go to an anvil, smith the dart tips, and use some feathers on them.

Please note that you'll have to do the Tourist Trap Quest to make darts.

Picture Name Fletching lvl. Exp.
Bronze Dart Bronze Dart 1 18
Iron Dart Iron Dart 22 32
Steel Dart Steel Dart 37 75
Mithrill Dart Mithrill Dart 52 112
Adamant Dart Adamant Dart 67 150
Rune Dart Rune Dart 81 188

Where To Train

So... You want some fletching levels, eh? Well, to get lvls in fletching isn't that hard. If you do it the right way that is :) Here's a small walkthrough of what to do at the different levels.

Level 1 to 10: Arrow shafts are the way to go... Even though these doesn't give much exp, its the fastest way. Just go to Draynor Village and make the shafts in the forest there.
Level 10-35: This is going to sound crazy, but making normal long bows is actually the fastest... This only has 1 reason: there isn't a spot with many Oak trees. So just staying in the Draynor forest and making long bows is the festest way.
Level 35-65: Making Willow shorts/longs. Go to either the trees south-west from the draynor bank, or the ones north-west from the Seers bank. Keep making these until level 65.
Level 65-99: Yew shorts/longs of course! There's a great market for yew logs, so you could either just buy your logs, or cut them yourself in the Stronghold Of Gnomes. Theres a lot of yew trees there.

Top tip!
Instead of dropping your bows, work some magic on them. Literally... Just bring some nature runes and a fire staff, and alch your bows :) It's a lot quicker than dropping, and you get both magic exp and money from it.

Alchemy Table
Completed Bows Unstrung Bows
Name Low Alch for: High Alch for: Low Alch for: High Alch for:
Short Bow
20 gp 30 gp
9 gp
15 gp
Long Bow
32 gp 48 gp
24 gp
36 gp
Oak Short Bow
40 gp 60 gp
20 gp
30 gp
Oak Long Bow
64 gp 96 gp
32 gp
48 gp
Willow Short Bow
80 gp 120 gp
40 gp
60 gp
Willow Long Bow
128 gp 192 gp
64 gp
96 gp
Maple Short Bow
160 gp 240 gp
80 gp
129 gp
Maple Long Bow
256 gp 384 gp
128 gp
192 gp
Yew Short Bow
320 gp 480 gp
160 gp
240 gp
Yew Long Bow
512 gp 768 gp
256 gp
384 gp
Magic Short Bow
640 gp 960 gp
320 gp
480 gp
Magic Long Bow
1024 gp 1536 gp
512 gp
768 gp

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