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Smithng tables
Smithing tables


Herblore is a members only skill. To start the Herblore skill you need to have completed the short Druidic Ritual Quest which starts in the Druids' circle above Taverly. This skill is dedicated to making different types of Potions (also known as Pots) for different uses throughout the game. Herblore involves mixing a herb and a secondary ingredient into a vial of water to make a potion. Certain potions have certain effects when drunk.

The higher your Herblore level the better potions you can make. Keep reading for details of how to make all the potions and what their effects are. A useful tip to note is that you can purchase 'Greenman's Ale' from the Yanille Inn to temporarily increase your herblore level by one.


First off you need a vial to make your potion in. A vial is just like a bottle. You can get them by either crafting them, or you can buy them from other players or from the Herblore shop in Taverly. The General Stores in Ardougne, Entrana and Shilo also stock a good amount of vials. Then you will need to fill the vial with water by 'using' it with a fountain or sink. Look for a water source (the icon for this on maps is a water drop) close to a bank as this will offer the best speed.

Empty Vial

Water filled Vial


The first ingredient of a potion is the herb. Herbs are obtained from drops by killing monsters. The best monsters to kill are shown below, although a lot of other monsters also drop herbs at a lower rate. Search our monsters database here for more information.

Monsters to kill for Herbs
Picture Name & Locations
Chaos Druids (level 13)
  • Wilderness half of Edgeville Dungeon
  • Members Dungeon
  • NW Ardougne Tower
  • Agility Dungeon
Chaos Druid Warriors (level 37)
  • Agility Dungeon
Skeletons (level 45)
  • Crandor Island Dungeon
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Wilderness half of Edgeville Dungeon
  • Agility Dungeon

When you get a herb as a drop it will be called an 'unidentified herb'. You must first identify it by clicking on it while it is in your inventory. Certain herbs need certain levels to identify before you can 'use' them with a potion to make a half-complete potion. The table shows the levels needed to identify all the herbs:

Identifying Herbs
Picture Herb name Level to identify Exp gained
Guam Leaf 3 2.5
Marrentill 5 3.75
Tarromin 10 5
Harralander 20 6
Ranarr Weed 25 8
Irit Leaf 40 9
Avantoe 48 10
Kwuarm 54 11.25
Cadantine 65 12.5
Lantadyme 67 13
Dwarf Weed 70 13.75
Torstol 76 15

Torstol can only be opened by unlocking the Sinister chest in the Agility Dungeon. To do this you will need the Sinister Key which is a semi-rare drop from Salarin the twisted. He is a monster right at the end of the Agility Dungeon who can only be killed my Strike spells which hit unusually hard against him. You will need 67 agility to access the area he is located in, or you can buy the key. The chest is in a part of the dungeon that requires 49 agility to access.

Secondary Ingredients

The second item you add to your half-complete potion is the secondary ingredient. When some ingredients are preceeded with the prefix 'Ground', this means the must be ground with a Pestle & Mortar which can be brought at the Herblore shop in Taverly. Where to obtain them and their details are all explained in the table:

Pestle & Mortar

Secondary Ingredients
Picture Ingredient name Where to find
Eye of Newt Herblore shop in Taverly or in the Magic Emporium in Port Sarim.
Ground Unicorn Horn Kill unicorns and crush their horns. Good spot is in the East of level 22 wilderness.
Limpwurt Root Drop from Giants and Hobgoblins.
Red Spider's Egg Red Spider Nests; at Karamja dungeon, Edgeville wilderness dungeon and Varrock Sewers,
White Berries At the Red Dragon Isle around level 40 wilderness.
Snape Grass At Hobgoblins west of the Crafting Guild.
Ground Blue Dragon Scale In the middle of the Blue Dragons chamber in the Members dungeon.
Wine of Zamarok At the Chaos Temple above Goblin village. Use the Telekinetic Grab spell because the evil monks will not let you pick it up.
Jangerberries On the Ogre Island just east of Yanille. You will need a rope to swing across (lvl 30 agility) unless you use the Telekinetic Grab spell.


Once you have your secondary ingredient - use it with your half-complete potion to complete the potion, now its ready for use. All potions come with 3 doses except the Weapon Poison which comes with only 1.
Free players can make a 4 dose regular strength potion by paying the Apothecary in Varrock 5gp to mix a Limpwurt root and a Red spider's egg. This is the only potion free players can make or use. The table below shows the levels needed to make each potion, what is needed to make it and it's effects.

  • A useful tip is that when you have some potions with one or two doses left, you can use them with each other to fill one and empty the other. This way, you have a full potion (can go upto 4 doses) that you can use as well as an empty vial that you can recycle.
Table of Potions
Level needed Potion Herb required Secondary Ingredient Exp gained Effect
Attack Potion

Guam Leaf

Eye of Newt
25 +15% Attack
Anti-Poison Potion


Ground Unicorn Horn
37.5 Removes poison
Strength Potion


Limpwurt Root
50 +15% Strength
Stats Restore Potion


Red Spider's Egg
62.5 Restores all stats to maximum level except hits & prayer.
Defence Potion

Ranarr Weed

White Berries
75 +15% Defence
Restore Prayer Potion

Ranarr Weed

Snape Grass
87.5 +21 Prayer
Super Attack Potion

Irit Leaf

Eye of Newt
100 +20% Attack
Super Anti Poison Potion

Irit Leaf

Ground Unicorn Horn
107.5 Removes, and gives temporary immunity against, poison.
Fishing Potion


Snape Grass
112.5 +3 fishing
Super Strength Potion


Limpwurt Root
125 +20% Strength
Weapon Poison Potion


Ground Blue Dragon Scale
137.5 Poisons all ranged ammo & daggers and spears.
Super Defence Potion


White Berries
150 +20% Defence
Anti-Fire Breath Potion


Ground Blue Dragon Scale
157.5 Full protection from Dragons' fire breath with anti-dragon shield.
Ranging Potion

Dwarf Weed

Wine of Zamarok
162.5 +15% ranged
Zamarok Potion


175 -10% Hits
-10% Defence
+15% Strength
+20% Attack

Note: The percentage increases in your combat stats by their aprropriate potion is only temporary and the percentage figures are only approximations.


You can get poisoned from poisonous monsters or from other people with poisoned weapons; so drinking the anti-poison potion or the super anti-poison potion is where these come useful. You are also cured of poison after a while as it wears off, or instantly when you die and respawn in Lumbridge.
Using the weapon poison potion - you can poison 10 arrows or throwing knives knives or throwing axes or javelins or darts. You can also poison 1 spear or dagger which will stay poisoned thereafter. Poisoned weapons will have green tips and have a (p) after their name. You only get 1 dose with the Weapon Poison instead of the usual 3.

Dragon Dagger (p)


Herblorists make their living be selling their valuable 'Pots' to hungry blood thirsty PKers or duellers. These fighters will drink potions which increase their combat stats and use thier effects to get the upperhand against their opponent so they are always on the look out for buying pots. They usually buy Super attack, Super strength and Super defence potions which is often shortened to a 'Super Set'. Rangers will also purchase ranged pots. Dragon and Demon slayers will buy prayer and anti-firebreath pots off you so they can keep on paralyzing (from melee) the Dragon or Demon while they slay it.

Money can be made by selling to Herblorists. If they have the cash, they will be willing to pay for vials, water filled vials, unidentified and identified herbs. Secondary ingredients are also purchased. This is all done in their effort to save time doing these tedious tasks temselves and getting more exp faster.

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