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Smithng tables
Smithing tables

Intro to Mining

Mining is the process of using a pickaxe to obtain ores from rocks. The higher your mining level, the better the rock you can mine - to obtain a more valuable ore. You have to wield your pickaxe, by clicking on it while it is in your inventory - and then click on a rock. These have different colours depending on the ore they can give, but a 'rock' is a small cluster of three rocks. Rocks can be found at 'mining sites' all over the world, you can view maps of mining sites in our maps section. You can right click and prospect a rock to see which type of ore ti contains. When you click on a rock to mine it, you will see your character swinging at the rock until he/she gets an ore.

You can obtain different Pick Axes from Nurmof the Dwarf, who sells them in the Dwarven Mine. The better the Pick Axe, the quicker you will obtain the ore from the rock. Below is a table of the different Pick Axes.

Pick Axes
Picture Name Mining Level to Wield Price to Buy
Bronze Pick Axe 1 1 gp
Iron Pick Axe 4 137 gp
Steel Pick Axe 6 490 gp
Mithrill Pick Axe 21 1,300 gp
Adamant Pick Axe 31 3,200 gp
Rune Pick Axe 41 32,000 gp

Mining Ores

And here is a list of the Ores you can obtain and their details.

Mining Ores
Rock Name Level to Mine Exp. Notes
Clay 1 5 Used in low level crafting to make Pottery.
Copper 1 17.5  
Tin 1 17.5  
Blurite 10 17.5 Used in the Knight's Sword Quest. Untradeable.
Iron 15 35 A very versatile Ore - used to make Iron and Steel Bars.
Silver 20 40 Used in Crafting to make Holy & Unholy Symbols.
Coal 30 50 Highest demand is for this Ore - used in all high level smelting.
Gold 40 65 Used in Crafting to make rings, neckalces and amulets.
Mithrill 55 80  
Adamant 70 95  
Runite 85 125  


Often you can obtain Gems when mining. These give 65 xp towards your mining level and the ore will remain in the rock. These gems can be used in the crafting skill to make Jewellery. Refer to our crafting guide for more details. Wearing an amulet of Glory (members only) will increase your chance of mining a gem significantly. There is also a special collection of 'gem rocks' in Shilo Village which give specific gems you can only get from there. The various gems obtainable are shown below (note: Dragon Stone is members only and cannot be mined):

Regular Gems





Dragon Stone

Shilo Village Gems



Red Topaz

Mining Notes

A few more things to explain about the skill of mining:

  • Your character will continue swinging until he/she gets an ore. If someone else is mining the rock and the colour changes to gray - it means the other person got the ore. You should move on to another rock or wait till the ore respawns in the rock and the colour re-appears.

  • Mining Coal is a good business to getting some cash as it is always in demand by smiths around the world, because as you will see below - it is required in all medium and high level smithing.

  • The Mining Guild is an area restricted for miners with a level over 60. It is an extended area in the Dwarven Mine and has many coal rocks as well as a few mithrill.

You can buy a 'Dwarven Stout' to drink from the Inn in Falador. This will raise your mining and smithing by one level for a couple of minutes.

Smithing : Smelting

The first half of the Smithing Skill is Smelting; which is the process of converting your ores into metal bars sothat they are ready to be hammered into objects. All Ores must be smelted with a secondary ore to produce a metal bar. Sometimes you will require more than one secondary ore. The exception is when you are smelting Iron ores. These have a 50% chance of conversion as they are considered impure.

To smelt an ore, you must 'use' it with a furnace, as shown below. Simply click on the primary or secondary ore in your inventory and then click on the furnace. You will see your character smelting them in the furnace and as a result, a metal bar will be deposited in your inventory. A few of the common furnaces used for smelting are:

  • Al-Kharid
  • Falador
  • East Ardougne (members)
  • Lost City (members)

Below is a table of the different Ores that can be smelted and their details:

Smelting Ores
Metal Ore Plus Produces Level Needed to Smelt Exp. Notes

1 Copper Ore

1 Tin Ore

1 Bronze Bar
1 6.5 Click on either Ore to use with the furnace. RuneScape automatically uses the other Ore.

1 Iron Ore
1 Iron Bar
15 12.5 Getting the bar is only a 50% success on average.Using spell SUPERHEAT you have 100% succes.

1 Silver Nugget
1 Silver Bar
20 13.5 100% Chance.

1 Iron Ore

2 Coals

1 Steel Bar
30 17.5 Click on any ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others

1 Gold Nugget
1 Gold Bar
40 22.5 100% chance. Used in crafting

1 Mithrill Ore

4 Coals

1 Mithrill Bar
50 30 Click on mithril ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others

1 Adamant Ore

6 Coal

1 Adamant Bar
70 37.5 Click on adamantite ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others.

1 Runite Ore

8 Coals

1 Runite Bar
85 50 Click on runite ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others

Smithing : Forging

Once you have your metal bars, these can smithed into different objects - weapons, peices of armour, dart tips and more. To do this you will need a hammer and find an anvil, as shown below. Note: All furnace and anvil locations are shown on the world map. Click on the metal in your inventory, and then click on the anvil. A menu of objects you can smith will pop up. Select the object you want to smith and your character will do so.

Hammer    Anvil

Some objects will use up more than one bar, and if you don't have enough, the number of bars will be in red. If your level is not high enough to smith that object, it's name will be in black rather than white, and when you click on it - it will tell you the smithing level required.

You recieve smithing xp per bar that you forge into an object. Smelting and Forging ores is considered a good method of making money - as you can sell the end product to shops or other players. You can also use the Low Alchemy and high Alchemy Spells to convert the objects into gp.

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